Working with Anne has been so beneficial! Her professionalism and attention to detail were evident within minutes of talking with her. I was so impressed as she was knowledgeable about our business model and how she could help us grow. Within hours she was able to secure us an article in the Daily Pilot, a division of the Los Angeles Times. As a small business owner, I am so thankful to have people like Anne helping me; working with her has been phenomenal!

About NARP Clothing

NARP Clothing is a marketplace that gives former student-athletes the opportunity to profit off their name, image, and likeness by selling their player-owned apparel without the threat of inequitable NCAA sanctions.  NARP is a platform built by student-athletes, for student-athletes. To ensure authenticity, all sellers are personally verified before joining the platform. 

KJ Bryant, co-founder NARP Clothing, former Clemson athlete